Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We are true contact lens specialists with many of our patients referred by other eye care practitioners. For the ultimate comfort and convenience we recommend single use lenses, now available in multifocals. With current technology very few patients are unable to enjoy the freedom of contact lens wear. After an eye examination we evaluate your eyes and determine which type of contact lens will best suit your individual needs.

We prescribe most major brands of soft and ridged contact lenses. Additionally, we prescribe custom designed contact lenses for special needs as well as special eye problems.

Eliminate Discomfort

Eyeland's contact lens staff are able to answer many of your questions and are available for ongoing contact lens instruction and training. We have vast experience with cosmetic considerations such as colored contacts that change eye color completely or just modify eye color slightly.

We have been fitting specialty contact lenses for years and have seen some incredible changes in that time. By far the most exciting changes have occurred in the last few years. For the ultimate in safety comfort and convenience ask about the new developments in single use disposable soft lenses. Most of the staff and the Doctors are wearing them. There are also many new lenses for astigmatism, and also bifocal soft lenses including the Acuvue Oasys lens for Astigmatism and the Oasys bifocal lenses. Although rigid contact lenses are a shrinking segment of the industry, we still have a large number of patients who wear them. The gas-permeable lens materials available today far surpass those available just a few years ago in terms of eye health and comfort.

Dry eyes and allergies can be particularly annoying to contact lens wearers. We are prescribing Restasis to actually cure dry eyes in many patients. New lens materials and allergy medications have also made it possible for these people to eliminate itchy eyes. These medications such as PataDay and Elestat are amazingly effective and safe even in children as young as three.

Specialized Lenses

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses
  • Monovision Contact Lenses
  • Astigmatism Contact Lenses
  • Pediatric Contact Lenses
  • Keratoconus Treatment
  • Prosthetic Contact Lenses

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